Turn all day coverage into all week coverage.

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Welcome to the comfortable, sustainable, leakproof life.

We are on a mission to end panicked sprints to the bathroom, sweaters tied around waists, and sleeping on towels.
No waste. No leaks. No worries.
Wear Up to 12 hours
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Pure Comfort

Buy Four Pairs, Get One Free

Saalt Wear is sustainably sourced and made with moisture-separating gusset technology that wicks away wetness to leave your skin feeling drier, longer. Gift yourself a set of leakproof underwear that will last you on all your lightest and heaviest flows. Use code ONEFREE at checkout.

Love it or your money back

We're here to get you to period bliss. If you're not happy with your Saalt products, we'll send you a replacement you 'll love or your money back.
At 43 I finally love my period and feel beautiful each month! With the combination of the Cup and now the Salt Wear both are high quality and function 100% and yes beautiful. I was really surprised how normal I felt with the wear, felt dry all day. I just bought 3 more pairs to use as back up with my cup and on light days as my period begins to fade. Thank you!

Jana W.

I ordered a pair for light days and a pair for heavier days. I love both. They are cute, and don't feel like period underwear, and work great for days I don't want to use a cup or tampon. I'm logging in right now to order more.

Kim G.

I've tried a couple of pairs from Saalt and I love these for the comfort and stretch of the fabric, but how these hold up on mid cycle days. I've also used with my cup on my first day which is usually my heaviest. Love that I don't have to use uncomfortable pads anymore. Who knew sustainable was so much more comfortable.

Malia T.

We're here to get you to period bliss.

If you're not happy with your Saalt product, we'll send you a replacement you'll love or your money back per our Period Bliss Guarantee.
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