How to become a Partner University


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Wholesale Partnerships

Take advantage of our discounted wholesale rate to get the most for your recipients. Distribute cups for free on your campus.


Event Discount Code

Hosting a program in your resident hall or sorority? Let us give you a discount code to share with your participants.



At Saalt, we believe knowledge is power. Invite one of our Cup Coaches to a program to teach the benefits of making the sustainable switch to a menstrual cup!


Standford University

I have used these for 2 months now and I'm surprisingly obsessed. I thought they might be too uncomfortable/messy, but they are neither. If you are nervous, just read the whole directions packet like I did and you will be fine!

Molly W.
I bought the 2 pack because I wasn’t sure what size I would need, but I have honestly never used the larger size... These cups are amazing! I can honestly go 6-8 hours without feeling like I’m going to leak. Super happy with this purchase!!

Melina M.

Perks to Highlight

Benefit of a Saalt Cup

Saves you money. Buy that extra game day t-shirt.

    3 – 4x the capacity of regular tampons

    One cup lasts 10 years

Saves you time. More time for that late night, library study session.

    12 hour wear time

Saves the planet. Because your reusable water bottle can't do it alone.

1 cup saves 3,000 pads and tampons from landfills

Wear it with confidence.

    91% of first-time users never go back

B Corp Mission

Saalt is a B Corp, which means we use business as a force for good. Saalt gives 2% back to fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability. By partnering with us, you’re contributing to improving lives around the world and in your campus community. Thanks for (period) caring.

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Tips and Tricks for Funding

Looking to become a wholesale partner but don't have access to funds?
We can help!

    Funding board (student gov)



    National orgs


    Department partnership (health services)
Don't know how to reach out? We have done the work.
% of students struggle with period insecurity.

Meet Our Team

We like to keep it real. As in real-life humans here to help you every step of the way.