5 Best Yoga Positions to Ease Period Cramping

It's the few days before your period and you notice those ever-telling cramps creeping on. We all know that we can power our way through the day even though we may not feel our best, but we shouldn't have to! We collected our favorite period-easing yoga poses in one convenient place. Try these relaxing and centering poses to find relief and take charge of your day. These don't take long by any means and you don't have to be a professional yogi to do them. You don't even have to have a yoga mat! Try them in bed as you're waking up to get the day started on the right foot. There's no need to do anything too intense either; yoga poses that are slower and create a deeper stretch are better during your period than those that are more fast moving or high-energy. The following aren't listed in a full sequence or practice. Feel free to do as many of them, and in whichever order you please.

1. Child's Pose

Person in child's yoga pose


By far one of the all-time favored yoga poses, closely following the savasana, or corpse pose. Start at your hands and knees a bit wider than shoulder width apart and let your backside sink back in between your legs. This pose opens up your hips and lower back, making it a perfect relief for those who experience achy lower back pain. Breathe through three or four breaths, or stay as long as it feels right. Slowly shift your weight side to side to softly stretch out your side body as well.

2. Supine Twist Pose

Woman in Supine Twist Pose

For this pose, lay flat on your back pressing your shoulder blades against the mat. Then, slowly bend your knee, reach up with the opposing hand, and slowly let your knee fall toward the opposite side, creating a twist in your lower back and belly. Resist the urge to tug on your knee too hard and create too much pressure on your back. You can do this pose with just one knee or both at once. The twist in your belly essentially wrings out your muscles, allowing for a good release when you let go.

3. Bound Angle Pose

Person in bound angle yoga pose


This is the money pose! It will melt all your menstrual worries away. Sit upright with your chest up and legs out in front of you, and as you exhale, bring your legs toward your body, with your feet meeting in the middle. If this pose is a little too hard on your knees, modify it until it feels good! It's all about feeling good friends. Keep your chest up, and slowly bend forward. This is the reproductive organ power pose! It also does wonders on relieving your digestive system, since unwanted stomach aches are a common symptom of PMS. For some extra delightful relief, lay flat on your back and bring your legs in the same way you did for the Bound Angle Pose. This really opens up your abdominal and chest muscles.

4. Inverted Leg Pose

Person in inverted leg pose

Talk about feeling like you're on a cloud with this one! Find a wall, sit on the floor facing the wall, lay back and move your legs up against the wall, so your body makes a 90-degree-angle. This pose is fantastic for regenerating your circulation, lowering your blood pressure, and reinvigorating your nervous system. It essentially gives your brain a refresh and a break, who doesn't want that?

5. Corpse Pose

Person in corpse yoga pose

Arguably the most relaxing pose of all time. Once you have gone through some of the previous poses and you're feeling good and ready to finish off head into the savasana, or corpse pose. Simply lay on your back, keeping your legs, hips, shoulders, and neck aligned, close your eyes and take some deep slow breaths. Let your feet relax and fall to the sides a bit, and let your mind turn off for a moment. Stay here as long as needed, then when you're ready open your eyes, roll to your right side, and slowly return to a seated position.

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Hopefully you feel refreshed, and ready to take on the day! It's always great to take small moments for yourself and do what feels good. Have a wonderful day, friends!