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Are You Sure a Menstrual Cup Is for Me?

Yes, yes, and yes. We admit we're biased, but we think the Saalt Cup should be elected president. It's simply THE BEST period care solution for anyone who menstruates.

If you've been considering making the switch to a menstrual cup, don't let your questions hold you back. The most common feedback we get from new cup users is that they wish they had switched sooner!

Two essentials for cup success. There are two big factors that will impact your success when you make the switch to a cup. The first is your own comfort level learning about your body and getting up close and personal with your intimate anatomy. Using a cup means you'll quickly acclimate to putting your fingers inside your vagina to insert and remove the cup! If this is new to you, know that it can take some time to get used to, but this by no means is a reason to say no to cups! We hear feedback all the time from users saying that one of the suprise benefits to using a cup is how much it has helped them get more comfortable with their bodies.

The second factor that will really help you have success is to have support from friends to cheerlead you through the initial learning curve. Fortunately, you'll find a plenty of support as a new cup user. Our instructions and FAQs are a great place to start learning about your cup. Then check out our private Facebook group, the Saalt Cup Academy, to get all your TMI questions answered by real users in real time.

What if I...?

Some people wonder if the cup is right for them based on their age, sexual or childbirth history, or medical conditions. Almost everyone who menstruates can use a menstrual cup successfully with the right tips and a little practice! Some situations will influence which size cup you should choose, but shouldn't prevent you from using a cup successfully.

Here are some things to expect if the situations below apply to you:

Teens - The cup is a great solution for teens. No more rushing to the bathroom between classes to change a pad or tampon. Phew! The Saalt Teen Cup can keep you leak-free for up to 12 hours! Some young cup users are able to have success from day one, but for others there may be more of a learning curve. Whichever category you fall into, don't stress! Anatomical differences like an intact hymen or a smaller vaginal canal can affect your learning curve. Don't be afraid to practice, and take it slow! It may take a few cycles until it becomes easy for you. Remember, we're here to help!

Virgins - What about your hymen? The size and shape of your hymen is not determined by your sexual history. Depending on the size and shape of your hymen it may take some time to find what insertion methods will be most comfortable for you. Take your time and don't feel pressured to rush insertion. It's ok to take it slowly and experiment to find what works for your body.

Haven't given birth/Have given birth many times - Whether you've birthed zero kids or twenty, a cup can work for you. Childbirth history can have an influence on sizing, however, it's not the only factor. Things like personal anatomy and flow are just as important, and is something to keep in mind when selecting your size. In general, we recommend the size regular for people who have given birth. You can also take our cup quiz to find your perfect fit.

Extremely heavy flow - Menstrual cups can be a complete game changer for people with a very heavy flow. We recommend a size regular Saalt Cup for those with heavier flow. The regular size has a larger capacity than the small (holds as much as 4 tampons) giving you a longer time before you need to empty your cup. For reference, people who previously had to change a super or ultra tampon hourly can now go 3-4 hours before needing to empty their Saalt Regular Cup. Using the cup can help make that heavy flow easier to manage and give you freedom to reclaim your time while you're on your period. But also be mindful of what your flow might be telling you. If you're concerned that the heaviness of your flow may be an indication of an underlying medical issue, we always recommend bringing that up with your medical provider.

What about my...?

In some situations, it may be smart to consult with your medical provider before using a menstrual cup. Most people can use a menstrual cup safely, even with medical histories or devices that directly affect their vagina or other reproductive organs. Once you check with your medical provider and get the go-ahead for cup use, here are some things to keep in mind if any of the following are relevant you:

IUD or contraceptive ring - Some cup users find that it is more comfortable if the strings on their IUD are trimmed shorter before using their cup. As we ALWAYS recommend, be sure to break the suction seal before removing your Saalt Cup. When positioning your cup with a ring contraceptive in, please make sure the ring is not resting in your cup. Rings work through being in contact with your skin. Many cup users reported that compared to a tampon, the cup was easier to insert and remove without disturbing the ring.

Cervical, Uterine, or Bladder Prolapse - We know of several people with various types of prolapse who have had success with their Saalt Cup and find it much more comfortable than tampons. Some cup users have found their prolapse takes up a bit of space in their cup. Other than the possible need for emptying their cups a bit more often than 12-hour mark, our Saalt Cup users living with prolapse are able to enjoy the benefits of using a menstrual cup.

Tilted, retroverted, or retroflexed cervix/uterus - Rest easy-you can comfortably use the Saalt Cup with a high, low, tilted, retroverted or retroflexed uterus. It will take a little bit of practice to find the right position for your body, but it will become easier and faster with each cycle. The cup rests lower in the vaginal canal than a tampon, so it may fit more comfortably and with less leaking to boot!

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Vaginismus/Vulvodynia - If you experience pain related to vaginismus or vulvodynia, you may think menstrual cup use is impossible for you. Take heart! If you want to use a menstrual cup, it may be possible for you to do so. We have heard from some people in our Saalt Cup Academy who have been able to use Saalt Cups, despite a history of vaginismus. Some cup users with vaginismus even reported that practicing with a menstrual cup helped to ease their symptoms. Ahh sweet relief!

PCOS/ Endometriosis/Fibroids - People who have conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, or fibroids (that cause irregular, heavy, or painful periods) often find that using a menstrual cup makes managing their periods a little easier. Can we get a Heck yeah! Saalt user Kori told us that after living with horrible periods due to PCOS, using Saalt Cups has given her freedom and changed her life.

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If there are any other conditions or concerns we may have missed, email us at Sayhey@saalt.com. We'd love to help you find period freedom with a Saalt Cup!

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