Available Now! The Saalt Steamer

Available Now! The Saalt Steamer

Is it getting foggy in here? Oh wait, that is just the new Saalt Menstrual Cup and Disc Steamer

Tired of waiting around for that pot to boil? And have you had a few mishaps where you forgot about your cup on the stove? (You know who you are.) We get it, that is why you will love the new Saalt Steamer! Gone are the days of designating a special pot for your cup and getting your tongs out of the dishwasher so you can keep your cup or disc above the toasty bottom of the pot. 

Our team has put a lot of care and intention into bring you the steamer of your dreams. Not only is the steamer beautiful to look at, but it also has ultimate functionality. All you have to do is: 

  • Remove the lid
  • Fill the small basin with water
  • Add your cup or disc
  • Place the lid back on the steamer
  • Flip the switch

And that is it! Wait 6-8 minutes and you have a cup or disc that is sanitized, cooled, and ready to go (Please note that the actual steaming time takes around 1-3 minutes and that the rest of the time is to allow everything to cool before you touch it!). Need to steam multiple cups and discs? The Saalt Steamer can certainly handle that! You will want to steam each product one at a time and allow a one-hour cool down for the steamer between uses.

You can be confident that this little beauty is equally as effective as it is simple. We have put the steamer through vigorous testing to ensure that the sanitization you get with the steamer is just as clean as the one you get with your pot of boiling water.

It is available in three gorgeous colors (Arctic Mist, Rose Quartz, and Blue Dusk) and is the perfect addition to your bathroom countertop. Available for order today, you can find the Saalt Steamer here.

Want to see it in action? Of course you do! You can watch Saalt Coach Liz take the steamer for a spin in her latest YouTube video.

Snag one today and redesignate that extra pot. 

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