Saalt Twin Pack, 2 menstrual cups.

Saalt Twin Pack: Two Cups, Twice the Comfort

By: Alex Gregg

When shopping for the perfect menstrual cup, there are a lot of factors to consider. What size is best? What shape is best? Which softness should I get? While we feel we’ve totally nailed the first two when making our original Saalt Cup, every cup user's journey is unique, and we knew some customers would need a selection of softness, which is why we developed the Saalt Soft.

But what exactly does it mean to have a “soft” cup? In the world of cups, softness essentially refers to the squishiness of a cup. Simply put, while both of our cups are comfortably soft, our Saalt Soft is a bit squishier than our Saalt Cup. And when thinking of all of the magical ways to combine our Saalt products, we knew a Twin Pack with two period cups of the same size, one being firmer and one being softer, would be the perfect pair for many of our cup users.

So, who is a Twin Pack for? This pack is the right match for someone who is confident in their cup size, with your cervix height being the largest determining factor. But although many cup users have a perfect fit when it comes to size, certain days of their period may warrant having both types of cups. The following are a few reasons why a Twin Pack may be perfect for you!

  • Increased sensitivity on certain days of your period, such as cramping, tenderness, and sensitivity to touch, while other days feel normal.
  • Days when you want to get your workout on without the fear of your beloved Saalt Soft collapsing during that deadlift PR. Our Saalt Cup has your back.
  • Sometimes you feel bloated and want some extra softness.
  • Cup slipping? Having a firmer or softer cup on hand may resolve your slipping issue.
  • You just want to know what each cup feels like! This is the perfect pack for the cup curious who is confident in their size but can’t stand the mystery of the unknown.

Still not sure? Our world-class Customer Experience team is here to help you find period bliss at

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