Saalt Wear Absorbencies Explained

Saalt Wear Absorbencies Explained

We know that different leaks require different levels of protection, which is why Saalt Wear leakproof underwear is available in 4 different absorbency options - Light, Regular, Heavy and Super. Amazing! Next comes knowing what absorbency to use and when. 

You can use your Saalt Wear for as long as your leaks will allow! If you wear a light absorbency as a backup to your cup, disc, or tampon, you could go all day. If you wear a regular absorbency option on a heavy flow day, your Saalt Wear may reach capacity and need to be changed.

The different layers of the Saalt Wear gusset are specifically designed to give you that dry and leak-free fit. The top layer wicks away moisture while the inner layers absorb and trap it, ensuring that you feel comfortable and your clothes stay dry.  Here’s a breakdown of the different options and how to choose which one is best for you.

Light Absorbency 

The Light Absorbency is the one that you will most often find available in our Thong styles. It can hold 1-2 light tampons worth of liquid and is a great option for everyday leaks such as discharge or even as a backup for your cup or disc. If you are looking to replace your panty-liners, this absorbency is a great place to start. The Seamless Thong is a great choice!

Regular Absorbency

The next step up is our Regular Absorbency, which can be found in your favorite Cotton Bikini. This absorbency can hold 3 tampons or two regular pads worth of wetness. This is a great absorbency to wear on your light flow days or when you are anticipating your period. It’s another great choice to wear as backup to an internal period product and can handle everyday wetness like a champ.

Heavy Absorbency 

Heavy Absorbency is a solid choice if you are looking for extra protection on really heavy days, or overnight. It was designed to hold 4 tampons or 3 regular pads worth of wetness. This is also a great option for light to moderate bladder leaks. If you find yourself crossing your legs before a sneeze or running to change after a jump on the trampoline, heavy absorbency is a great option. You can also wear these as your main form of period protection without worry. The Leakproof Lace High Waist is a wonderful option for that coverage you need with the style and elegance you deserve.

Super Absorbency 

Super Absorbency is the newset to the Saalt crew! The Comfort Boyshort is one of our first styles that got an upgrade to the Super gusset. We understand that not everyone’s “heavy” leaks are the same, and sometimes a higher level of protection is needed. That is why we created Super! It can hold 6+ pads or 8+ tampons worth of liquid. Light to moderate bladder leaks are no match for the Super gusset, and wearing them overnight during your period is a surefire way to protect your sheets. Postpartum care is another wonderful use case for these. They are a much more comfortable alternative to those scratchy pads - because your down-there is already sensitive enough! Your body did an amazing thing and deserves amazing care.

We hope this information helps propel you on your way to starting your very own Saalt Wear drawer. If you have additional questions, our team of Saalt Coaches can always provide you with more personalized recommendations. Just click HERE to start chatting with them. 

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