Menstrual Cup Lineup - which one is best?

Menstrual Cup Lineup: How Does Saalt Compare?

We know why you’re here. There are a myriad of menstrual cups out there. Picking the right menstrual cup can feel overwhelming. You may wonder “Why are there so many designs, and what really matters when choosing a cup that will work for me?” We get it, but don't let those questions stop you from finding something that can change your period life. We're here to simplify your pursuit of period bliss by comparing some of the top menstrual cups head to head.

It’s necessary to acknowledge that no cup is superior. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that different menstrual cups work for different people. Of course, we’re big fans of Saalt cups, but recognize that there is no universal period cup that will work for every body.


Saalt Cup vs Diva Cup

The menstrual cup community has a lot to thank the Diva company for. They introduced the menstrual cup to a lot of people early on and made period cups more generally accessible. Now there are a variety of cups with new features and improvements, which is why it can be hard to choose. There are several key differences between the Saalt Cup and the Diva Cup. 

The Diva Cup has a V-shaped body with straight walls, while the Saalt Cup has a bulbous shape. The bulb shape retains its form well (like an archway in a bridge), preventing leaks and making it an excellent choice for first-time users. The straighter body of the Diva Cup lacks strength which can lead to folding or leaking. The longer body, however, is great for those who know they have a high cervix and are looking for a long cup. The Saalt Cup shines in its compatibility with cup users whose cervix height varies during their period. Did you know that your cervix height can fluctuate quite a bit throughout your cycle? Now you do!

The Diva Cup’s single firmness falls just between the original firmness Saalt Cup and the Saalt Soft Cup. It has a short, thick stem that can be uncomfortable for some while the Saalt Cup has a soft-flex stem that is slim and free of protrusions for a sensationless fit that moves with you and never irritates. Trust us, your labia will thank you.

Diva recommends replacing their cup after 1 year where the Saalt Cup lasts for up to 10 years. That’s as long as your passport!


Saalt vs AllMatters (formerly Organicup) 

AllMatters, previously known as Organicup, is another popular brand that many first-time cup users choose when making the switch. Like many period cup companies, their impact mission aims to fight period poverty by working with an extensive list of worldwide partners who provide safe and accessible period care to people in their communities (amazing work!).

The AllMatters Cup appears similar in shape and size to the Saalt Cup but there are some key differences. The AllMatters Cup comes in a single firmness that is on the softer side, and might result in cup users trying harder to get their AllMatters Cup to open. The Saalt Cup is a great option for those who need a firmer cup that opens easily. The Saalt Soft is similar firmness to AllMatters, however, you can count on the slightly more bulbous shape and stronger silicone to help keep the Saalt Soft open. The AllMatters Cup stem and grip rings features some protrusions designed to aid in removal that some cup users may find uncomfortable during use.


Saalt vs Flex 

The Flex Cup has a unique removal feature that was originated by the brand Keela Cup to make removal easier for folks with disabilities that may make using a traditional cup difficult. Accessible period care? Yes, please! The stem of the Flex Cup is connected to the rim. There is a loop on the very end of the stem that, when pulled, breaks the seal by pulling the rim down and inward. Once emptied, the stem is then shimmied back up through the hole in the base of the cup to allow the rim to return to its original place. While this feature can make removal easier, the stem takes up space inside the cup. Some cup users have shared that they experience discomfort and leaking when wearing the Flex Cup because their cervix rests just inside the cup.

The loop on the end of the stem can also cause irritation depending on where the cup sits in your vaginal canal, and users have reported that the Flex Cup sometimes leaks through the hole where the stem goes through the bottom of the cup. For those who need additional help to break the seal and remove the cup, the Flex Cup is a great option.

When learning how to remove your menstrual cup, it is important to always break the seal to avoid discomfort. While it seems intimidating at first, removal can become second nature with practice. The Saalt Cup features grip rings that are designed to make pinching the base of the cup easy when it comes time to empty.

Choose Your Player

Now that you’ve narrowed your search, we hope you feel confident choosing a menstrual cup that meets your needs! Should you choose Saalt (and we’d be so flattered), take our Cup Quiz to find your perfect size and firmness. No matter what cup you go with, Saalt’s Cup Coaches will always be here to guide you through your period cup journey. Feel free to email us anytime at or contact us through our website. Now go, live your life free of period woes and panicked sprints to the bathroom because you are in charge!

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