Saalt Disc Duo


Coastal Blue: Premium reusable menstrual disc for average to heavy flow.

Sunset Coral: Premium reusable menstrual disc for light to average flow.

  • FAA82696-00D0-46C9-AF0A-827E46C94E94 Created with sketchtool. 12 hours of protection day and night
  • CA1F4ED5-49C5-453A-9B2B-DBFCF42D417E Created with sketchtool. Reusable for up to 10 years
  • Can use for no-mess period sex
  • 7D54D3E5-17FC-458C-92F4-5BC185DA1247 Created with sketchtool. Refund Guarantee +
  • BC73DAE9-1D33-4E45-BD43-EC024C96ACCB Created with sketchtool. FSA/HSA Eligible
Saalt menstrual cup cleanse.

Saalt Cup Wash


Wow, I love this disc as much as my cup! I tried other discs that were too soft to get in or put pressure on my cervix. I can barely feel this one and have had zero leaks. And love that you have two sizes so I can use the small for my light days. Amazing!

  • 7805C385-E84A-41DC-885A-89686EEA045E Created with sketchtool. Made in the USA
  • 90404CE9-571B-4F03-BB89-B41C96F22882 Created with sketchtool. FDA Registered & Compliant
  • EE369C55-C832-48FE-BB1F-D7D5B2E8292F Created with sketchtool. BPA, Latex, & Toxin Free

Find the Perfect Fit

Take the Saalt period cup quiz to find the best size and firmness for your most comfortable period.

How to use a menstrual disc

  • 6A4708F7-D115-4031-965A-1BDDDA2C9F32 Created with sketchtool. Wash hands and disc
  • 7D3A5E7F-893E-4338-9B3A-C3FA96F8D1E0 Created with sketchtool. Pinch into a figure 8
  • FB283394-4A5C-4363-AB92-833D76B15586 Created with sketchtool. Insert fully and tuck behind pubic bone
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9A3637D9-2778-4D3D-9578-0A0565107A6E Created with sketchtool.

Saalt Disc Size Guide

Saalt Disc Regular

  • Normal or heavy flow
  • 5-6 tampon capacity
  • 50mL volume

Recommended For:

  • New disc user
  • High cervix
  • Trouble keeping menstrual cups inserted

Saalt Disc Small

  • Light or normal flow
  • 3-4 tampon capacity
  • 30mL volume

Recommended For:

  • Light flow
  • Low cervix
  • Teens or young adults

Premium Design. Comfortable Fit.

Designed to be the most comfortable and easiest to use disc on the market.

  • E36CB032-9E70-4552-9F7A-E4CCBE84ADAA Created with sketchtool. Great for those with a high or low cervix
  • 41F6F827-4509-4196-A6A7-295F83EDCB74 Created with sketchtool. Custom finger notch allows for easy, mess free removal
  • F55E4E63-A5F4-49BE-88FA-FF3C0EFDE79F Created with sketchtool. Naturally odor free
  • 1FDB7AFB-4DC7-4EF7-B195-B1D72B07E073 Created with sketchtool. Can be worn with IUDs when used as directed

Little Disc, Big Impact

  • B1D5C500-A623-4BF1-B1C4-F6487CCEDADC Created with sketchtool. $1500 savings for your wallet
  • 976B2C11-0676-4B45-A984-02A6E349F18C Created with sketchtool. 2% 2% give-back to help women and girls in need
  • D95D4A81-1628-44A9-AEBB-C1C48EE40602 Created with sketchtool. 3,000 single-use pads and tampons displaced
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Feels like nothing. Works like whoa.

Introducing the Saalt Disc: at your cervix.

Our high-capacity menstrual discs hold up to 6 tampons worth of flow and can be worn leak free all day or night. Go ahead—swim, hike, bike, run, sleep or enjoy no-mess period sex. Because hey! Periods happen, sex happens, and period sex happens. ;)

Anatomy of the Saalt Disc

Smooth Flexible Rim

Firm enough to keep you covered, soft enough to keep you comfortable.

Ultra Comfortable Basin

High-capacity basin forms to your shape so it feels like nothing, but fills like whoa.

Grip Lines

Soft and subtle ridges to keep your grip during removal 'cause sometimes things get slippery!

Helpful Removal Notch

Meticulously designed to make removal easier than eating that whole pint of ice cream.

Smooth Flexible Rim

Firm enough to keep you covered, soft enough to keep you comfortable.

More to Love

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We're here to get you to period bliss.

If you're not happy with your Saalt product, we'll send you a replacement you'll love or your money back per our Period Bliss Guarantee.